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Silvana region as one of the 19 regions in the world with pure oxygen

Silvana region as one of the 19 regions with pure oxygen

Silvana region as one of the 19 regions with pure oxygen known as one of the area's tourism of West Azarbaijan province of Iran. Springs and lakes are created natural melting snow from the mountains has maked pristine and stunning area.

This city in the southwestern of West Azerbaijan province and about 30 km the West Urmia city, and in the heights skirt predominant the border of Iran and Turkey and in the middle part is located. Silvana from the East to the city of Urmia and the Barandoz rural district of Shrine chi(tea) in the central district environs of Urmia and the West with the city Shmzynan Turkey and the north with Cedar City and beradust rural district of sumaye beradust district From the south within the country with the region's Deshtbyl Oshnavieh city also Iraqi Kurdistan khakork region is limited.

There irrigated and rain-fed prone earth are existed in the region, abundant underground water and current, mountainous climate, adequate rainfall annually, beautiful nature and evergreen and multiple communications with cities and countries bordering the field proper for production of crops such as wheat, barley, peas and beans, lentils, potatoes and herbs, onions, tomatoes, tobacco, etc. are created.

To consider the weather conditions Silvana, this has great capacities in the field of horticulture, including gardens such as apples, pears, walnuts, apricots, cherries, plums, peaches, as well as trees such as wild apple, wild pear, smoke tree, walnut, oak, hawthorn, almond, olive and so on are implied.


Silvana as paraglider city in Iran

Silvana Festival opening ceremony was held under the slogan of restoration of lake Urmia. These festival was held with present the pilot and officials of West Azerbaijan Province across the country in date 3 Shahrivar 94 in the Persian Mosque Slvana.

The head of the country's Air Sports Association which is located the podium mosque of this city, West Azerbaijan appreciated the authorities for their support of the festival, Silvana city announced as the city paraglider Iran.

Silvana area in the West Urmia city

Silvana district in the West Urmia city, including the rural district Mergor , Tergoor and Plain. This part to the northern Brados rural district, the south of the village Bill Plain (Oshnavieh), the West coterminous with Turkey's country and the East of the Barandoz rural district of Central part Urmia is limited.

Water resources

Bardehsoor river (dam Shahrchay - Nooshan - has been constructed on the river) - Barandoozchay river (fuller than the Bardehsoor river) - Marmeshoo river (Marmeshoo natural lake was created up on this the river).


Martyrs mountain (in Tergoor rural district with 3595 m) - Dalampr mount (in Margoor rural district with 3451 m) - Sinai Bozy mount (in Margoor rural district with 3490 m) - Bonari and Myrbhar mounts than other uneven lower elevations


cold and mountainous with the winters are long, cold and snowy - soft and gentle spring showers, - gentle summer - severe and damaging wind 's autumn.

Religion and Language

residents hundred percent Muslim and speaking Kurdish Badini .


In the last general census of population and housing in 1385, has 52030 inhabitants.

The number of populated places

Silvana area contain 104 villages, and Silvana city is only a point urban. The most important the rurals Silvana district considering its position and population in the order of Targavar rural district to Margoor rural district can be implied by, Moana -Anbi - Tooli - Gojar - Razhan - Brazan - Shirak - Hashem Abad - Nrgy - Dizj - Gsyan -Bavan - Cherik Abad - Zharabad, Gerdovane - Hlj - Cair and Ziveh.

Tourist Attractions

ski Khoshako - Sulc falls - Sooleh docale falls - mineral water springs and natural Silvana and Tire Vbnar- soaring heights area with beautiful ranges- beautiful plains Mergoor with specific nature spring – aspect villages area with traditions certain.


1 – agriculture Crops: wheat and barley (dry and irrigated) - pea - rice - beans and ... Garden: apples - apricots - peaches - cherry - pear and ... Fisheries: aquaculture sporadically (Hlj ) Livestock and animal husbandry at all levels for traditional and domestic.

2 - Industry

In this part of the domestic industry, such as carpet and carpet weaving industry - construction - repairing agricultural implements and vehicles and mining summarized.

3. Services

Day laborer - Employees - distribution and technical services - sales and…



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Water plays a vital role in our life. More than two-thirds of our body is composed of water. The water that we drink in all the cells and organs of our body flows Silvana the healthiest natural mineral water provides water for this need. Mineral water Silvana popular brand in 1394 and was recognized as the standard unit.

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