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Water plays a vital role in our life. More than two-thirds of our body is composed of water The water that we drink,flows in all the cells and organs of our body , and all basic functions in our body depend on water that we drink.

Water detoxifies the body Excretes. It regulates our body temperature, food invaluable guide to all parts of the body and helps skin and hair health and beauty. This is only part of the benefits of water for our body. We have safe water to drink daily life to our souls and body's gift.

Silvana mineral water springs is located in 3460-meter high mountain range in the North West, and out of reach of humans originated and free from any contamination. This spring is located in the town of Silvana and naturally by full utomatic machine filling aseptic systems simultaneously sterile and they are packing in PET containers in volume from 150 to 300 cc and 500 and 1.5 liters at the plant.

Spring's water is water with no taste and fresh and refreshing and helps in supply calcium and minerals needed by the body. Silvana mineral water is contain high quality and due to the diuretic of this category of water in the treatment of articular diseases, gout and hypertension azotemia and effective elimination of urinary stones.

Silvana mineral water contain PH ideal for the digestive system ,the liver and pancreas are beneficial and because of the amount of sulfate and chloride suitable for infants is prescribed. Mineral water factory Silvana is equipped chemical and physical laboratories for constant monitoring at all stages of quality production.

Mineral water strategy is focused on protect the health of consumers mineral water and to achieve the highest quality your products in packaging is supplied with a unique mineral composition. Mineral water Silvana was recognized as popular brand unit in 2015 years industry,he manages the Silvana company. Their goals are development and promotion Silvana to achieve of complete satisfaction consumers

About Us

Water plays a vital role in our life. More than two-thirds of our body is composed of water. The water that we drink in all the cells and organs of our body flows Silvana the healthiest natural mineral water provides water for this need. Mineral water Silvana popular brand in 1394 and was recognized as the standard unit.

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